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Viewline Onyx Series Gauges

Viewline is the new standardised instrument platform for pleasure boats, outboard engine use and yachts. With modular solutions in three housing variations, we supply more functions, more flexible installation and design options as well as space-saving combi instruments - something unique in this sector.

During the research and the development work, maximum precision and the deployment of pioneering technologies were equally important as ease of use and stylish design.

Our plug and play solution design concept means that the Viewline instruments for panel and flush mounting offer the highest level of installation flexibility. It doesn't matter whether bezels are used or not - the modular concept allows for a high degree of design variation.

VDO's engineers started with a clean sheet of paper and a worldwide view to create an instrument like no other in today's market. Designed with a removable bezel, Viewline can be customized with your choice of 9 different bezels or be mounted from behind the dash to be flush. Viewline instruments feature a long list of standards such as LED illumination, built-in LED warning lights, short circuit protection, IP67 water resistance and anti-corrosion materials.